Washington: Israel's Most Important Occupied Territory

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Washington: Israel's Most Important Occupied Territory Empty Washington: Israel's Most Important Occupied Territory

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Washington: Israel's Most Important Occupied Territory Palestine-Israel%20Flag
Here is a prototype for the new flag for Palestine-Israel:

The Two-State Solution is Official Apartheid!
The One-State Solution with Equal Rights for ALL regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or sex in the land of Palestine-Israel is the most humane, progressive solution and is truly consistent with modern democratic American values.

The film "Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid" is a carefully crafted collage including footage from the Palestinian Territories, eye-witness testimonies by peace and justice activists, commentary on the historical aspects of the Palestine-Israel conflict, various pro-Palestinian rallies in the San Francisco Bay Area, and concludes with ideas for the best solution to the conflict which will help to create world peace with justice for all.

The film leaves few viewers with dry eyes and powerfully drives home the point that American dollars are funding an immoral war against the indigenous Palestinian people, who have been enduring persecution since 1948 when the United League of Nations (made up entirely of European countries, and the forerunner of the UN) gave away Arab land that really was not theirs to give away to Eastern European Zionist Jews for a Jewish supremacist state in the first place.

The exclusionary, racist ideology of Zionism, a political offshoot of Judaism which began in the 1890's, has continued to manifest itself in the ethnic cleansing, dispossession, persecution and slow genocide of the indigenous Palestinian people to secure a Jewish supremacist state, and this is continuing up to this present moment in time, funded massively and unwittingly by generally uninformed U.S. taxpayers.

The time is long overdue to finally address these injustices which have been and still are being committed against the Palestinians. There can be no peace without justice, and there must be no double standards. We the people of America must demand an end to allowing any racist ideology such as Zionism to influence American foreign and domestic policies. Also we must demand that our government stop using any of our taxpayers' dollars to fund racist, apartheid countries, such as Israel, the #1 recipient of U.S. foreign aid, over 40% of the total U.S. foreign aid budget, even though tiny Israel is the 16th wealthiest country in the world, has no constitution, routinely breaks International Laws and has defied over 70 UN Resolutions.

This was the first documentary ever made by Wendy Campbell, and although it is a little "rough around the edges", it is still an excellent primer for a true portrayal and explanation of the Palestine-Israel conflict. For more recent and other related tapes and CDs, please scroll



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